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Upgrade Again! Dalipal Reached Strategic Cooperation with RHI Magnesita (China)

发布时间 2023-11-22

On 21 November, Dalipal signed a strategic cooperation agreement with RHI Magnesita (China) Co., Ltd. The two parties will upgrade on the basis of supply chain cooperation and will establish a strategic partnership in the field of refractory materials to jointly promote cooperation in the long life of various types of refractory materials such as magnesia carbon bricks for smelting, electric furnaces, tundish ladles, and ladles for high-end energy equipment supporting products, to improve production efficiency and product quality.

RHI Magnesita Group is the world's leading manufacturer of refractory materials. Its products are widely used in various industries including steel, cement, non-ferrous metals and glass, and enjoy a high reputation in domestic and overseas markets. This strategic cooperation focuses on various refractory materials used in new clean steel smelting, forming six cooperation directions including increasing the age of electric furnaces, electric furnace tapered taphole technology, and online temperature measurement technology for ladles and tundishes (Super Brick). The two parties will jointly build a new model of cooperative development in the field of refractory materials by leveraging their respective advantages and combining their respective industrial layouts and positionings.

The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement marks the official start of in-depth cooperation between the two parties in the field of high-end energy equipment supporting products and refractory materials. It is also another profound practice of Dalipal 's active implementation of the concept of sustainable development.