Mr. Meng Fanyong

Chairman of Dalipal Holdings Limited.

Dear friends and colleagues from all walks of life who pay attention to and support the development of Dalipal at home and abroad:

Dalipal has been established for more than 20 years and has always been firm in its strategic goals. With the development concept of cultural leadership, professional dedication, continuous innovation, flexibility and prudent risk control, it has gradually developed from a processing plant of the CNPC system to a " specialized and special " full industry chain intelligent manufacturing enterprise Integrating R&D, manufacturing and service, and a manufacturing plant which uses the raw metal as the main raw material, specializing pipe billet production, pipe rolling, pipe-end forming, pipe heat treatment and oil and gas pipe processing as the main business. Here, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to friends and colleagues from all walks of life who have always given Dalipal care, support and help! 

Looking forward to the future, Dalipal Holdings Limited will continue to carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit of advancing with the times, thinking for new changes, and overcoming difficulties, adhering to the values of "Contribute to the Society, Support our Customers, and Bring benefits to our Employees", making full use of the capital market, focusing on professional and international orientation of products and services. We will continue to make efforts around the vision of "Entering first-class and sustaining century-old", focusing on building a new system of "green, low-carbon, and intelligent manufacturing", insisting on the road of environment-friendly development, and creating brand value with social responsibility, actively participating in the division of labor in the global industrial chain, strive to create new advantages in core competitiveness, and repay shareholders, employees, customers, and society with sustainable and high-quality development results!

 Dalipal Holdings Limited looks forward to sincerely cooperating with you, seeking common career development, sharing development achievements, and creating a better future!